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Tuition & Policies 


Classes for Children & Teens

Number of Classes Per WeekSemester (18 weeks)
1 class
2 classes
3 classes
4 classes
5 or more classes
Performance Group is offered under the Platinum Membership. It is $3,300 for the school year or you can break up the payment into 12 monthly installments of $397 or quarterly payments of $900 (first and last months' payments are due at time of registration).


Fall Semester - Monday, August 13 - Friday, December 17th
Winter/Spring Semester - Monday, January 7th- Saturday, May 25th
No classes/Studio Holidays: 

  • Monday, September 3rd. Labor Day
  • Tuesday, November 20th- Friday, November 23rd  (due to Thanksgiving Camp)
  • Saturday, December 22nd
  • Wednesday, December 26th - Friday, January 4th (due toWinter Camp)
  • Tuesday, January 1st New Year's Day


On your transaction record, each class is listed separately. The second and subsequent classes will be the price listed above. To understand your total, add the cost of the first class with the cost of the second class, etc.


There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per student. The registration fee stays in effect as long as student is enrolled and includes the year-end recital.

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learn to dance at east bay dance centerDress Code

Preschool - Leotard, tights. Long hair pulled back. Ballet shoes. Can wear tutu skirts, and ballet skirts.

Ballet - Ballet shoes (any color, but if buying new, buy pink). Tights and leotards (any color, any style). If you are buying new, buy pink. Long hair pulled back or in bun.

Tap/Jazz - Jazz shoes or ballet shoes., and tap shoes with socks. Any color, any style. Long hair pulled back. Leotard and tights or jazz pants, yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, and t-shirt or tank top.

Jazz - Jazz shoes or ballet shoes. Any color, any style. Long hair pulled back. Leotard and tights or jazz pants, yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, and t-shirt or tank top.

Hip Hop - Clean sneakers that have not been worn outside. Long hair pulled back away from face. Fitted stretch clothing. No oversize or baggy clothes.

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General Policies


Tuition is non-refundable. Trial classes are available. Maximum of two trial classes per year per class. The first trial is $10; the second is at single class rate of $16. In the case of a documented medical emergency, a credit may be requested. Credits must be requested prior to missed class or camp and must be made in writing with documentation. A $15 bookkeeping fee will apply to granted credit requests.


Tuition is non-refundable after the second class of the semester unless there is a documented medical or family emergency. Notice must be given to EBDC prior to missed class or camp. Request for refund must be in writing with documentation. A 5% fee plus a $15 bookkeeping fee will apply.

testimonialsMISSED CLASSES

Any classes missed must be made up before the end of current semester or forfeited. Missed classes may not be credited towards any future tuition.


Fees will be prorated after 2nd class, space permitting.


The fee for the first trial class is $10; A second trial class (in same class) is $16.


There is a 10% family discount for the second and subsequent family member in same class.


Payment Plan is only available for full year registration. There is a $30 set up fee added to the total tuition. Your first payment will cover the first and last month of classes, the set up fee plus registration fee if applicable. This will be done immediately upon registration. The seven remaining payments will be deduced either at the 1st or 15th of the month, starting on the month after you enroll,depending on which you choose when you register. All tuition including payment plans are non-refundable. We will continue to charge your monthly payments until the tuition obligation has been fullfiled. In case of a documented medical emergency, a credit may be requested. Once the full balance is paid, we will credit the unused amount.


We require a valid credit, debit card or bank account information on file in order to register for classes or camp. You can opt to pay in cash or by paper check. Please put this in the notes when you register. It is your responsibility to keep your payment information current and valid. There can be a $10 declined card fee added to our account if your card or banking information is declined for any reason.


A $15 bookkeeping fee will be applied to any changes of class or camp weeks unless the switch is at the teacher's request. Pre-paid before and after care can be switched to another week with the $15 bookkeeping fee. 72 hours notice must be given for switching classes, camp weeks and before and after care.

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